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Entertainment 10 August, 2017

royal family of England

The act relating to the royal weddings of 1772, passed by the british parliament, and amended in 2013, requires that the reigning monarch to give its approval on the wishes of the union of the 6 members of the royal family.

From November 2016, actress Meghan Markle is officially in a relationship with prince Harry, in fifth place on the order of succession to the throne of England. But if the couple seems to spin the perfect love, and that rumors of marriage are going well, it will still be the queen to convince. In fact, according to the law on royal marriages to 1772, the queen Elisabeth II has the right to exercise a veto on this union. While the act passed by the parliament was expected that the reigning monarch has to give its approval for each member of the royal family, this authorization does now more than the six people closest to on the order of succession to the throne. That is to say the prince Charles, prince William, prince George, princess Charlotte, prince Harry and prince Andrew. Despite the mixed feelings and the desire to build together, it will remain so always up to Harry to convince his grandmother that the actress of 36 years, divorced, is a good party.

But far from these legal considerations and protocol, the couple is currently on vacation in Botswana, a country that prince Harry cherishes in particular, since there has already brought all its previous conquests.

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