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Entertainment 11 January, 2018


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Emmanuel and Bridget Macron were in a diplomatic visit in China, from Monday, January 8 to Wednesday 10 January. According to the magazine Paris Match, the marks of affections between the head of State and his wife were particularly surprised the chinese media. Explanations.

The presidential couple French has not finished to impress the chinese people. Travelers in the Middle kingdom, Emmanuel Macron and his wife have started their diplomatic visit by the city of X ian, the former capital of the country, famous for being home to the army of soldiers in the terracotta. According to Paris Match, during the visit, very diplomatic, a gesture caught the eye of the chinese media. Emmanuel Macron and his wife hold hands. A gesture of affection not common in China, where any public mark of intimacy remains a taboo especially in the policy framework. Since the campaign of Emmanuel Macron, the relationship of the head of State with his wife of 24 years his senior caused much ink to flow in the chinese media.

An age difference that has intrigued the public opinion chinese in a country where men marry young women, or very young. “This man has married a teacher of 24 years his senior, became a grandfather (by marriage) in 30 years and makes now Europe is crazy about him “, was written on Weibo, the chinese equivalent of Twitter. A message played over nine million times. Brigitte Macron also shines by its style, chic and sober. Radiant in a red coat, the color of joy in China, it marked the journalists by his style and ” elegance “. Her outfit, starting with his boots at heel and sole red signed Christian Louboutin and her bag in hand signed Balmain have caused much ink to flow.

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