Why Jenifer and les Enfoirés “all cried out” during the rehearsals and Gala

Entertainment 17 January, 2018


Tuesday, January 16, Enfoirés were on stage for the first of their tour event. And in rehearsals, the excitement was palpable.

The year 2017 was punctuated by many deaths of iconic artists and singers unforgettable such as Johnny Hallyday or, more recently, France Gall. Therefore, it is not a coincidence if, during the repetitions of the Enfoirés, the excitement was at its height.

While artists were on stage on Tuesday 16 January in Strasbourg for the first show of their tour event consisting of seven other shows, Jenifer said that he had shed a few tears in rehearsals, and especially at the discovery of the table opening dedicated to France Gall and Johnny Hallyday : “It is completely crazy what table to open, she said to Steven Bellery for RTL. It is full of beautiful lights, there is a lot going on, so for the eyes it should be fun, moving, also, since there are pictures of Johnny in the background behind, with Coluche. We, it took us the guts when it was discovered on the rehearsals, we all cried.”

And this is not obviously not the only moment of emotion experienced by the troupe. Specially invited guests, Elodie Fontant and Philippe Lacheau film “Babysitting” have experienced a great moment of nostalgia at the last stage, as they sang the song of the Restos du cœur : “We had all the tears in the eyes at the end, singing this song with all the volunteers of the Restos du cœur, in front of these people who come to this cause that is so admirable, there is a magic thing, we’d all want to burst into tears at the end. ”

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