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Entertainment 13 December, 2017


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Johnny Hallyday has always been a father very present in his daughters Jade and Joy, never missing an opportunity to talk about their relationship in the media and expose their complicity in the social networks.

“Don’t repeat the mistakes of the past “. In 2004 and 2008, Johnny Hallyday redécouvraient the joys of fatherhood in welcoming Jade and Joy, two little girls adopted in Vietnam. Peaceful and filled with the idea of being able to enjoy a new life in the family, the rocker will attempt at all costs to preserve the happiness of the paparazzi, but to no avail. In the Face of the wave in the media, it will then take the decision to expose him-even his intimate moments with his children on social networks. An idea came straight to his wife Laeticia, who introduced him to Instagram in 2011, and teaches him to control his own image. Will hundreds of photos and videos to illustrate his incredible bond with his two small last. They cry today, gathering on his grave with their mother Laeticia.

It is also close to Jade and Joy and reveals the image of a strong family, it is also and above all to forgive itself for having been an absent father to his elders David and Laura. When David Hallyday was born on August 14, 1966, Johnny goes in a rush to the maternity ward, before returning on the same day in the tour. His son who will live on later in Los Angeles with his mother Sylvie Vartan and his stepfather Tony Scotti will see that during the school holidays. A painful period for each of them, and more particularly to the Taulier, who will not cease afterwards to express how much he regrets not having been there for him.

When Laura Smet born November 15, 1983, Johnny Hallyday promises not to repeat the same mistakes. Alas, the little girl will see her parents separate at the age of 2 years and should, like its big brother, satisfied to see his father during school holidays. But not enough to break their link. Now 34 years of age, Laura has never issued the slightest reproach against his dad, to his side, he will give a genuine admiration, him dedicating one of his most beautiful songs.

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