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Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Los Angeles

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She leaves. Laeticia Hallyday returns to Los Angeles with her daughters Jade and Joy. Why has she chosen to return to the United States rather than stay in Saint-Barth, where lies Johnny Hallyday ?

Back to Pacific Palisades. Laeticia Hallyday leaves Saint Barth to Los Angeles. This departure for the United States is very thoughtful : the mother of Jade and Joy knows a particular attachment to the city, where she lived with Johnny. A true time of happiness for the couple and their children, could enjoy in addition to-Atlantic of an anonymous life, in the midst of the american stars and of the local population, which did not pay attention to the family Hallyday. But the relative anonymity offered by Pacific Palisades is not the only reason of the departure of Laeticia.

If she feels good in Los Angeles, particularly because she started as a model, Laeticia is not the only one to enjoy the city : his daughters Jade and Joy are their friends, their friends, their habits, and their school. Return to Pacific Palisades, is to find a daily basis, such as before the death of their father, find their marks. Laeticia, who wants to be a ” mom worthy “, wants to offer its children the possibility of living a life like the others, or almost.

Exit Saint-Barth will also allow Laeticia Hallyday to reconnect with the life of all days. On the island, she believes she has yet to see Johnny everywhere, cannot separate themselves from his memory, standing. It will be sad not to be able to collect on the tomb of the rocker, of course, but it also needs to move forward. For his daughters, and for herself.

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