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Entertainment 12 January, 2018

United States

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After several weeks on the island of Saint-Barthélemy, Laeticia Hallyday is going to have to go to Los Angeles and find his jacket remains of Pacific Palisades, left in may of last year, when she was still with her husband. A difficult return according to our colleagues from Closer, which should be facilitated by the presence on site of Sébastien Farran and Maxim Nucci.

Since the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday, Laeticia had made the choice to stay on the island of Saint-Barthélemy. Surrounded by her mother Frances and Grandmother rock, she was able to enjoy a peaceful atmosphere for a serene start to his grief. The young mother never would agree that very few exits. Laeticia Hallyday was spotted shopping or even on the grave of her deceased husband. But soon, this daily already fragile, is going to be again upset. Mid January, as planned, the mother and her daughters are going to have to go to Los Angeles and try to resume a normal life.

A return to the United States that the young mother seems to somewhat understand. In fact, Laeticia Hallyday has not set foot in Pacific Palisades from may 29, last, when she was accompanied by Johnny Hallyday. According to the information of our peers, Closer, the young widow is not comfortable with the idea of put the feet in this large house, purchased with her husband in 2013. An event that promises to be difficult. But Laeticia may fortunately count on the unfailing support of the former manager of her husband Sébastien Farran, who also lives in Los Angeles. On 14 January, it should be to Pacific Palisades to accommodate tenderly Laeticia and daughters Jade and Joy. Maxim Nucci, alias Yodelice, friend and musician Johnny Hallyday should also be installed some time in Los Angeles, near Laeticia, in order to finalize the album posthumous the rocker.

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