Why Leah Salameh was excluded from the debate of the primary right

Entertainment 18 November, 2016

It will be the great absent from the last debate of the primary right: Leah Salame not pose indeed no question seven candidates. And we must look for the reason the side of the competition between France Inter and Europe 1. Explanations.

le-a-salameTonight is comfortably on the couch Leah Salame will follow the last debate of the primary from the right . The political journalist for France 2 was not invited into the studios of St. Cloud which will host the final confrontation before the ballot and shall appoint the right candidate in the presidential election. However, the public broadcaster had appealed to it to strengthen its device and its teams for important elections looming. But if the debate is broadcast on France 2, he is also on Europe 1. And Leah Salameh works on France Inter.
This is a trivial war radios that is causing the lack of the former columnist for One is not lying. ” Neither France Inter, Europe 1 nor wished only the presenter of the interviex 7:50 Inter is a broadcast on Europe 1 “today explains the near Lea Salameh in Paris . at the side of David Pujadas, who will lead the discussions, so we find Nathalie Saint-Cricq , head of the political service France 2, Hervé Favre, of the Northern voice, and Jean-Pierre Elkabbach Europe 1.
If there was no real discussion on the presence of Salame Leah tonight, that of representing Europe 1 posed more problems internally. Thomas Sotto , animating the morning of the resort, also wanted to participate . ” The choice of legitimacy was made by focusing our political interviewer ” said Fabien Namias to justify the presence of Jean-Pierre Elkabbach.
However, the choice of journalists was not so happy with the seven candidates in the primary would have preferred a team “younger than this trio who covered the 2002 presidential election” to know the daily.