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This is a man upset that has made its entry in the church of the Madeleine, Saturday, 9 December. And for good reason, Maxim Nucci lose more than an employee : he loses a friend, a soul sister musical. Now, a heavy task awaits : to complete the 51st album in the rocker and make it resonate to his voice one last time.

The story in Maxim Nucci, a former companion of Jennifer, and Johnny Hallyday to commence in 2011. At the time, the Taulier worked with Matthieu Chedid on the album Never Alone, in which he comes to lend a hand. If the disk is a flop, the rocker has spotted the talent of the young musician and invited him to produce some of the securities in its 49th opus to Stay Alive. Finally, in 2015, it leaves a white card on the album love. The success was such that Johnny won a Victoire de la Musique. Therefore, the two men become inseparable, and even their holidays together in Los Angeles in the villa of the idol of young people.

Then, when in spite of the illness Johnny plans to return to the path of the studios to record a 51st album, he turns naturally to Maxim Nucci, alias Yodelice. A further test for the Taulier, that between two sessions of chemo manages to transfigure it, as remembers his artistic director Bertrand Lamblot. For him, these are his “best sessions of voice,” said the JDD. Today, Maxim Nucci is alone at the controls to complete the work of the sacred monster of French music. A heavy task he would never have thought of having to finish alone. There is still a week, Johnny reassured him, as noted in the JDD : “Well, another ten days as I requinque, it is necessary that we finish this album”, he launched it. But fate has decided otherwise.

Naturally, when Maxim Nucci in the church of the Madeleine, her sadness and her emotions are palpable. To pay homage to him, the musician has of course chosen to take one of his songs in the company of Yarol Poupaud and Matthieu Chedid, also close to the rocker. And not any : I promise you. A way that is probably to remind the singer that he may go quiet because his ultimate album is in good hands.

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