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Entertainment 19 December, 2017


David Ginola has presented, Monday, 18 December, the show M. Pokora & Friends on M6. In the columns of Tv Entertainment, the television host and broadcaster looks back on his friendship with the singer since his accident heart. An event that has traumatized Mr. Pokora.

David Ginola gave an interview to our colleagues deTélé Leisure on the occasion of the airing of the show M. Pokora & Friends that he has presented, Monday, 18 December on M6. The television host and broadcaster of France has an incredible talent entrusted himself on his friendship with the singer since his accident heart, may 19, 2016. “We are friends, and linked to ever since that famous day,” says the former football player.

It is then returned on the reality of the facts as he has already explained in Salvation to earthlings. “When I’m collapsed on the ground, I had lost my life. Of the people I have massaged the heart for that my brain continues to be irrigated, the time the fire department arrived. Mr. Pokora was among them, but he was not the only one to help me, contrary to what was subsequently narrated. It was also very badly. He has not digested the fact that we write, on social networks, in particular, that I had saved, and then he’s had virtually nothing done. Of course, it is better for a vendor to say that M. Pokora has saved the life of David Ginola, but this is not the reality. ”

A media pressure that Mr. Pokora has struggled to cash in. “A few weeks after my accident, on June 11, 2016, we have lunch every two and ithe started to cry in front of me. He was traumatized by this episode in the media , “says David Ginola. In October 2016, the moderator paid tribute to the young man on the set of Hi terriensainsi to all those who took turns to keep him alive. Without these actions that can save lives, David Ginola is confident that he wouldn’t be here today. A true miracle, it must the life of those who have understood immediately the gravity of the situation when it collapsed.

M. Pokora revealed, last November, wanting to make a break in his musical career. After the release of his book the other side of the stage, it envisages a one-year sabbatical next year, in 2018. ”

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