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Entertainment 12 January, 2018


Was this due to a secret love of Michel Berger for the sport ? At the funeral of the singer, Patrick Bruel had arrived at the cemetery with an outfit unusual for such an event : a jersey of the team of France of handball.

It will not make the same mistake twice. At the funeral of Michel Berger, Patrick Bruel had presented it to the cemetery of Montmartre in an outfit inappropriate for such an event, as reported by Yves Bigot in his book something in us of Michel Berger. It must be said that the singer was in the Barcelona Olympic Games, and had no other choice than to go back as soon as possible to attend the ceremony : it was, therefore, found himself in the middle of the guests ” in the jersey of the team of France of handball “.

Let’s hope that, for France Gall, Patrick Bruel will be more elegant. While fans of the singer could gather around his coffin until 11 January in the evening (including preview Calogero), it will now be buried, with Michel Berger and their daughter, Pauline, in the cemetery of Montmartre in Paris. It will join the tomb so special to the family, topped by a mausoleum of glass, which houses a cherry tree, japanese hanging, and hides many secrets – it generates such an arc-en-ciel when he is struck by the light of the sun. A lovely way to pay tribute to this family of artist that has made dream millions of French and French.

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