Why Pablo Escobar is much stronger than Heisenberg, cabron!

Cinema 19 April, 2017

The clasico Medelin Vs Albuquerque clearly turns in favor of the Colombian know-how …
Walter White here and there, Heisenberg there, “Bryan Cranston genius of this century” … It will be necessary to calm down for a moment the children and stop the meth to the breakfast. “Breaking Bad” remains an exceptional series, certainly the biggest of the decade, at least according to your contributions to the Circle of Seriesvores , but it is a disgrace to the PATRON, Mr. Pablo Escobar, to place the two Bicraveurs on the same level . The two seasons of “Narcos” proved to us that the whirling mustache was on the throne of the game of the gue-dro, for all the reasons detailed below (attention: they ooze bad faith).