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Entertainment 20 December, 2017


A section of The Opinion discusses the sacrifices of the closest associates of Emmanuel Macron, who have put their lives in parentheses.

Words are powerful and at the height of their renunciation. An article of Opinion published on Wednesday, December 20, returns to private life almost non-existent for some members of the presidential task force : to Emmanuel Macron, they are willing to sacrifice their relationship and their family life. Their mission to the sides of the head of State is more important than anything else.

“I know that my couple will not resist to my involvement with Emmanuel, but it is so,” said a relative of the president of the Republic while the latter was still minister of the Economy. Then he comes back in the polls, Emmanuel Macron has never hesitated to castigate his ministers in the middle of the night, asking for a total investment. Moreover, the entourage of several young ministers would be trying to implode, as discussed in the daily. Some have even filed their resignation.

The Opinion refers to other about, quite worrisome and legitimize a burn-out potential. ” I disappeared out of my life private. It is hard. I erased behind a cause. And that cause is him,”says one employee completely dedicated to the Macronie. While the Christmas holidays are approaching, Bruno Bonnell is concerned about the fate reserved for the closest members of the team of Emmanuel Macron. “There will be a lot of ultimatums family, ‘if you go back in there, I leave thee’ ” writes the deputy of the Rhone.

“It is party to a number of divorces unprecedented,” says François-Michel Lambert, member of parliament of The Republic of Bouches-du-Rhône. “The pace is very strong. This is the biggest agenda of parliamentary in the last fifteen years. The rate of participation of deputies in the debates was extremely high, more than usual, ” added Peter Berson, member of LREM of Paris. A furious pace that has already been talk about Brigitte Macron, worried for her husband.

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