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Entertainment 9 September, 2017


The divorce between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie will be taking place ! It is said a close to the two actors this week in the Daily Mail and this in spite of the rumors growing of a reconciliation between the two stars that bloom for several weeks.

15 September 2016 : this is the official date of separation between Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie listed on the divorce papers revealed by the website TMZ. Since then, nothing has changed. Both are focused on their children and the divorce is going ahead and will go until the end “, as claimed this week, a relative of two of the actors in the columns of the Daily Mail. A sentence prompt to kill the hopes of the fans of the ex-Brangelina that for weeks hoping for a rabibochage in the rule of the legendary couple.


The reason for the flood of speculation and other rumors that the divorce is in suspense, and suspense creates for months. Last noise having raised the hopes of seeing Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie got a day hand, the confidence made by the actress last weekend in an interview with the Sunday Telegraph on the occasion of the promotion of his new film , first they killed my father (available on Netflix on September 15) : “It is difficult. I don’t like being single, this is not something that I wanted. Sometimes, we may have the impression that I get there without a problem, but in reality I am just trying to move forward day after day “.


A simple admission of loneliness is, therefore, not be a disguised appeal to his former companion. Brad Pitt, in addition, would like to conclude their divorce as quickly as possible. “There has been little progress towards an agreement, and Brad begins to get fed, has recently explained one of his close friends at In Touch Weekly. His life has been on pause for a year because of this procedure of divorce and he would now like to move forward and move on to something else, without having his hands tied by the divorce and by Angelina Jolie, and he wants it quickly. “

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