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Entertainment 19 January, 2018


Kim Kardashian has sparked controversy after it distributed a photo of her completely naked, on his account Instagram. Internet users accuse the star of having better things to do, she who has just welcomed his third child.

Kim Kardashian released a new photo of herself on Instagram. While she has just welcomed her third child, the wife of Kanye West shows up completely naked. Lying on his bed, in a position that is lascivious, the business woman barely hides a third of his body with a sheet. His bare chest was blurred. Entitled ” Night cap (cover) “, the cliché has been the reaction of the internet users.

Its subscribers believe that it should not be exposed while she is mom. “You just had a child and this is what you want to show in your publication ? the priorities hmmmm “, engages with a fan. “Cover yourself up ! Now, you have to have a third child. Be nice but a more traditional,” advises another. “I’m not sure : you are a mother or not ? “or, “You have no class !!!”, are sexist remarks that must be subjected to the star of reality tv.

A fan of the even compares to Beyoncé, who had twins last June, noting that they do not have the same way of maternity. “Seriously Kim, you have three children now, Beyoncé would never have done that “. Kim Kardashian is already a mother of a little girl, North, 5 years, and a small boy, Saint, 3 years. Last January 15, it is another little girl, born of a surrogate mother, who came to enlarge the family. His first name is not yet known.

Night Cap

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