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Entertainment 14 December, 2017


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A week after the disappearance of Johnny Hallyday in the night of 5 to 6 December, more is known about the organization of a historical day, and its difficulties within the family of the Taulier. Between Laeticia, Laura, and David, not everything has been so easy.

Worthy. It is the word that will remain to qualify Laeticia Hallyday at the tribute to Johnny Hallyday, held at the Madeleine on Saturday, 9 December. During the religious ceremony, she made a superhuman effort to not crack. It is only at the last moment, the one where she has embraced the white coffin of Johnny, she left in tears. At his side their girls Jade and Joy, in shock. Laura Smet David Hallyday very close to the girls, surrounding them with their arms as to protect them from the tumult of the crowd who would chant the name of Johnny.

The image that will remain of this ceremony, it is also one of Laeticia arrived, with her daughters feet. David and Laura came to their side and preferring to wait for the procession carrying their father. According to our colleagues from Closer, the elders of Johnny Hallyday had chosen to do things from their side, without taking part in the staging provided by Laeticia. Same player shoot again in St Barth, where arrived by their own means, and not in the Boéing 757 chartered by the house of discs of the star, David and Laura have not participated in the dinner that followed the burial in the one of the favorite restaurants of Johnny on the island. A désavoeu ? Or the desire of the elders of Johnny to live with their grief in their own way… Always according to our colleagues, Laura and David were unhappy at not having been able to see their father in these last days to Marnes-La-Coquette. They would have wanted to Laeticia, the thinking responsible for their eviction. In front of the white coffin of Johnny, the two families are explained, dispelling this misunderstanding.

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