Why the presence of Julie Gayet at the tribute to Johnny Hallyday has annoyed Gala

Entertainment 21 December, 2017


While the time was the reverence for the thousands of fan and friends of Johnny Hallyday and producer Julie Gayet, companion of the former president, François Hollande, would have annoyed the observers with his behavior for the less light.

After months to fight against a cancer of the lungs, the singer Johnny Hallyday died at his house in Marnes-la-Coquette on the 6th of December last. A few days later, on 9 December, was paid tribute popular where the white coffin containing the remains of the singer inside a hearse transparent has climbed back up the Champs Elysées before a ceremony given to the church of the Madeleine. For this occasion the whole of Paris had sought to get invited by the Elysée palace, in charge of the invitations but also the investment in the church.

In his capacity of former head of state, François Hollande, so he went to the tribute to Johnny Hallyday, as Emmanuel Macron, French president Nicolas Sarkozy and their respective wives. Julie Gayet accompanied François Hollande for what was the first official release of the couple. But the observers are offended by the behavior deemed inappropriate by the producer. According to the newspaper The point, it would have been a view ” address of the cuckoos, kisses and winks “. The behavior away from the emotion and the reverence of the fans and the survivors and relatives of the singer who took advantage of this time to make a final grand tribute to the idol before his body is buried on the island of Saint Barthelemy.

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