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How Zazie wrote the song Light the fire, one of the biggest hit of Johnny Hallyday ? The singer-songwriter has delivered all its secrets… writing has been a real challenge.

Everyone knows Kindle fire, the famous title of the late Johnny Hallyday, released in 1998, which was the opening of his spectacular show at the Stade de France the 5, 6 and 11 September. Less is known about the story behind this song which became a cult, from the album I know produced by Pascal Obispo – one of the biggest successes of the rocker. With the Figaro, Zazie had said in 2013 the fantastic story of this title. This begins a summer night, at around 2 o’clock in the morning, in the heat of August 1998, a few days before the concerts of the Taulier.

The singer is then located in it, ” only, I’m bored “, she says, when suddenly, she receives a curious call from Pascal Obispo. “Hello, how are you ? Is it that you want to do a song for Johnny ? It is for tomorrow, it should be for the opening of the Stade de France,” he asks, bluntly. “He had not made the music, so I had to make the text before – something I had never done in my life,” says Zazie. The work promises to be difficult…

However, it is impossible to say no to the sacred monster that is Johnny Hallyday. The singer-songwriter, under pressure, but professional, has been committed to this heavy task. Fortunately, inspiration came to him, visibly, rather easily. “I think gladiator, I think of things a little spectacular, with words such as crowd, lion… I look at all the tattoos of Johnny, I know that there was a lion, an eagle, etc, ( … ), and I make a list of words Johnniesques : cheering crowd, the spark, the fire, the contact, tattoos, bikes, guitars… “, continues the artist. A list of words from which Zazie wrote the text of the hit song that we know, and that will make the singer’s ultra proud of it.

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