Will Angelina Jolie soon remarry, Will Brad Pitt react?

Entertainment 14 April, 2017

Angelina Jolie would be so in love with her new boyfriend that she would be about to remarry but how will Brad Pitt react?
Poor Brad Pitt! If the actor still seems devastated by his divorce from Angelina Jolie, the actress would have found love. Yes, the star of Tomb Raider has a new boyfriend that she would have met a year ago in London. His new man, whose identity is still unknown, would be a British philanthropist businessman. Angelina Jolie would be so enamored of the latter that she would already think about remarrying and very soon! But how will Brad Pitt react if this remarriage really takes place soon? One thing is certain, the actor risks being even more dejected than it already is. It’s only 7 months since the couple formalized their separation, The divorce is not yet finalized and Angelina Jolie is already ready to move on to the next step with her new boyfriend . It’s a lot to swallow for Brad Pitt who on his side does not seem ready for a new romance.
To see his ex-wife find a smile in the arms of a new man is obviously never easy . But what would bother most Brad Pitt, it would be that the new boyfriend of Angelina Jolie spends more time than him with his children! If for the moment they have not yet met their mother’s new darling, it would only be a matter of time. ” The idea that another man will spend time with his children is absolutely disgusting and discouraging. ” , Said a source from InTouch magazine . “Brad did not meet Angie’s man, he does not want to meet him and considers him an intruder in his family.” , The informant added. If Angelina Jolie had divorced Brad Pitt because of the jealousy of the actor , the Allied star must be even more jealous and furious that his future ex-wife drew so quickly a stroke on their love story and their family. And do you think Brad Pitt can still give his blessing to Angelina Jolie?