Will know why, but in “The Walking Dead”, they have at least twenty words not to say zombie

Cinema 13 April, 2017

Robert Kirkman and the show’s showrunners have already found a lot of synonyms for the forbidden word …
Why call a cat a cat when you can find other nice nicknames? Well, for the shot, originality is not really what motivated Robert Kirkman, the creator of “The Walking Dead” , never to use the word “zombie” (except 2 small times) in his comicbook . As he revealed on the set of Conan O’Brien: “In the series, no one has seen a film by George A. Romero, they could not follow rules according to that. The fact of not using this word would mark a separation ” . In reference to the mythical “Saga of the Zombies”, which popularized the genre well before TWD . He added: ”
The Walkers
“The Rangers” or “Walkers” , not to be confused with “The White Walkers” of another successful series. You will have understood, it is this term used by Rick and his crew who gave his name to the series . It is used for the first time by Morgan to explain to Rick what happened during his coma.
The Biters
The water gets wet, fire burns and a zombie that MORD! So, that’s how the Woodbury group, led by the Governor, names the evil.
The Roamers
A word often used in comics and which designate “those who wander” . In other words, almost all zombies what (except those who chill at the maize ‘quiet).
The Lurkers
The counterpart to the “roamers” . The “lurkers” are deceitful zombies, who seem immobile, or even completely dead, but who tear your leg as soon as you pass by them . It is used more in comics.
The Cold Bodies
I would not be surprised if the denomination came from a forensic pathologist. Ah nan, I am told in the headset that it is first used by Martin, in the first episode of season 5 (a puncture of the Terminus that will be bleeded by Sasha).
The Creepers
This bastard of Merle (the brother of Daryl) will at least bequeathed to us this little qualifier synonymous of “glaucous” , “flippant” .
The Dead Ones
Simple and efficient. A bunch of bands – clearly lacking in inspiration – use it in the series and comics.
The Floaters
Certainly the ugliest ones. Robert Kirkman uses the term for zombies that rot and swell in water. We saw some in the last season, on the beach where Tara runs aground. But the most famous one remains the one who squatted the well of Herschel and who almost ate Glenn.
The Geeks
Uh, everyone will be free to interpret the parallel between geeks and zombies eh. Still, this word used by Rick, Glenn, Daryl, Merle and Shane during the first season, will not be heard later . Were they afraid of getting angry with the geek community?
The Lamebrains
In the matter of “decerebrates” , they knew a ray. This name is due to Dave and Tony, two defective ones that Rick and Herschel meet in a bar in the middle of season 2.
The Monsters
The term is used in particular by Andrea, when she tries to make reason listen to Milton, who finds normal that the Governor keeps his zombie daughter “alive”: “They have no conscience.” When they transform, they become monsters ” .
The Rotters
Literally “those who rot” . He was first employed by a cop at the Grady Memorial Hospital in Season 5 , before being taken back later by these Wolves scavengers.
The Infected
Not complicated to understand this one. It is right from the first season when Rick and the survivors go to investigate the Dr. Jenner, who was quietly posed to the CDC . But in general, it is heard much more often in the spin off “Fear The Walking Dead” .
The Deadheads
Dead inside but especially in the head. It is this fragile Nicholas – the best friend of Glenn – who uses it in episode 12 of season 5 ( “Remember” ).
The Empties
A sacred poet this Jesus. For him, the zombies are “empty” , they have no soul (unless he speaks of their guts, in short). He releases the word twice in comics, especially during a scene where he is saved by Abraham and Michonne .
The Deadies
A very cute little word used in disgusting circumstances by Dale in the comics, while he was puffing his leg. In the series, Sam (Jessie’s frightened kid (Alexandria’s blonde ultra-good)) also uses it when he blabla with Carol and Rick in season 4.
The Meat Puppets
Vulgar “puppets of flesh” . These are the zombies for one of the “Saviors” who captured Rick and his group, to take them to see Negan and Lucile for the first time …
The Wasted
GTA enthusiasts know all too well this expression which means that you have clamored (often like a shit for that matter). In the TWD galaxy, you have to hear it more like “you’re gaunt . ” The Brandon group (the little merdeux who engrain the son of Travis) in “Fear The Walking Dead” used it sometimes. It was also heard in the last season of “TWD” in the mouth of Benjamin.
The Stinkers
Roughly, “the stinks” . A term balanced by the group of Magna in the comics.
Sam and Ana let go of the suitcase in episode 4 of season 4. Okay, but I doubt they are limited to your skin alone, but we understood the concept eh.