Will Kourtney Kardashian use the bistoury for Justin Bieber?

Entertainment 21 February, 2017

Will Kourtney Kardashian use cosmetic surgery not to lose Justin Bieber? The young woman would be ready for many things to please her!

The editor of Melty told you that Kourtney Kardashian does not want to get back with Scott Disick from that early . Indeed, it is the pretty brunette herself who affirmed this in the program “The Incredible Kardashian Family” and we must admit that we understand her! Although she still has feelings for her ex, Kourt ‘is aware that coming back to him would not be a good idea. The Lord is not ready to change and although he says the contrary, he keeps multiplying the pranks. In addition, Kourtney thinks of his Mason, Penelope and Reign. She no longer wants them to suffer their couple problems because they have suffered enough from the situation. Now the Kardashian member no longer wants to suffer and she wants to think about it. Since she broke up with Scott, she does not want to be a couple with anyone anymore, but that does not mean she does not want to have a good time. The proof, she would spend good times with Justin Bieber and she would be willing to many things not to lose it …

Kourt wants to please Justin!
Kourtney Kardashian and Justin Bieber still see each other . Although these two have a certain age difference, they enjoy each other and they do not want to give up their little moments. The singer finds Kourtney particularly attractive but it seems that she is afraid of no longer pleasing him! According to a source at the Life & Style site , with all the young models that surround Justin, the pretty brunette would not be reassured and to the extent that “she thinks her weight loss has caused some sagging of the skin around her neck And jaw ” and that she ” looks tired ” , she would be ready to make ” a facelift of the neck and one of the forehead ” to feel younger. Hopefully Kourtney will give up this idea because she is very pretty as she is! What do you think of this news?