Will the Avengers Infinity War: War Machine (Don Cheadle) recover the use of his legs?

Cinema 20 July, 2017

In what condition will we find War Machine aka James Rhodes in Avengers Infinity War? Don Cheadle gives us the answer!

The last time we saw James Rhodes in the dark rooms, he was not at his best. Yes, physically it was he who took the most expensive in the clashes between Team Iron Man and Team Cap ‘in Captain America Civil War. While he was in full duel with the Falcon, he dropped very high and lost the use of his legs, which obviously cooled the atmosphere already not hyper good. Well, he was getting better at the end of the film, but we felt that rehabilitation would not be a long, quiet river, although fortunately James can count on the support of his BFF, Tony Stark.

Don Cheadle made the trip for the D23 which took place this weekend since it will obviously be part of the adventure Avengers Infinity War. The lucky journalists present on the spot obviously worried about the state of health of his character and especially on his legs. So, will War Machine go into Infinity War? Here’s what Don Cheadle said: “When you know someone like Tony Stark, who is the king of technology and can create incredible things, then you go back.” Cool because we will need all the superheroes available to fight against Thanos!