With the death of Johnny Hallyday and France Gall, it is “a part of our youth that goes,” said Michel Drucker – Gala

Entertainment 9 January, 2018

Johnny Hallyday

On the tray Key Not at My Post on C8, Michel Drucker is back with emotion on the day of the announcement of the death of Johnny Hallyday and this “youth goes” a few days after the death of France Gall.

On 5 December last year, Johnny Hallyday had died as a result of cancer of the lungs, against which it fought for months. A month later, on 6 January, France Gall died in his turn died of cancer. With the death of these two stars, 74 and 70 years, France is losing the true icons of the music, the tubes were able to cross the time.

On the tray Key Not at My Post on C8, Michel Drucker tells of his emotion, the day of the death of his friend : “I was warned at 9: 30 in the morning, when I woke up. It was not a real surprise. We knew that Johnny was very very bad. I found myself alone, on the plateau of Anne-Sophie Lapix, without audience, of course. Without a prompter, nor headset. I stayed two and a half hours and I felt the end of the show to arrive.And at one point, I asked myself how I was going to conclude this issue […] We had twenty years together, we wondered what we would become. It came out of a sleep-cure, he wanted to commit suicide, I was wondering if I would take back the tv because I was presenting for the first time… “

For him, it is the end of an era : “How many times with Johnny, we said : ‘What have we done to our 20 years’ time ?’ And it was, like the disappearance of France Gall, a part of our youth goes away “.


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