Wiz Khalifa and MHD at Mawazine 2017, an incredible second night!

Entertainment 14 May, 2017

This is the second day of the Mawazine Rhythms of the World festival. Wiz Khalifa and MHD managed well.
After Ellie Goulding set fire to the opening concert of Mawazine 2017, it is Wiz Khalifa ‘s turn and MHD to send heavy. And yes, they are the heads of posters of this second day which is already full of emotions. Between press conferences, interviews and shows, we are ready to run everywhere history to do the most things. Find the highlights of our day on our story Snapchat (@melty) and Instagram (@melty_fr) . You will also have a little preview of our interview with Wiz Khalifa, to be found very soon on melty. Come on we stop teasing, we go into serious mode with the two concerts of the evening.
You are not ready … Wiz Khalifa literally set fire to the scene OLM Souissi ! After a slight delay due to a few technical problems, the rapper has appeared on stage more stylish than ever. Small shirt with open flowers, white pants, Wiz all spat. It was enough to unleash the crowd completely delirious! It must be said that thousands of people made the trip to applaud the American artist. At the same time, it is not every day that one can boast of seeing Mr Wiz Khalifa on stage chain his biggest hits . In short, we’ll see you again guy!
And now, direction the scene of Bouregreg where MHD occurs live . A long-awaited concert, Moroccans have once again come to welcome him. A DJ atmosphere the crowd with all the hits of the moment: from Booba (who will be at the Mawazine Rhythms of the World next week) , to Jul and Lartiste via Shay or Keblack, imagine how it could sing to kill- head. And again, it was nothing compared to the arrival of MHD which broke everything thanks to a setlist prepared well as it is necessary. You will understand , the Mawazine Rhythms of the World festival is definitely the Champions League! Wait to see more ?