Wolverine 3: Caliban in cage on a new photo

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Caliban, who will be one of the mutants of the next adventure of Wolverine, appears today in cage on a new photo!

Comics fans are very familiar with and presence in Wolverine 3 promises a lot. The mutant Caliban, already seen in X-Men Apocalypse , is this time played by a completely different actor: this is Stephen Merchant. The actor is best known for having created the comedy series The Office or Hello Ladies … as you say that this time, the man totally changes register! Fans were so eager to find out what will this Caliban in Wolverine 3, including Hugh Jackman has unveiled a new poster and a new image . Caliban appears today on a shot where the mutant is held prisoner in a cage.
It remains to be seen what will be the exact role of the mutant in Logan. Capable of tracking the X gene carriers, the chances that the character will be used to track X-23 are very strong. As a reminder, in this new adventure, Wolverine will protect the young mutant of mercenaries wanting to capture her. Greatly inspired by the Old Man Logan comics, the first returns seem to evoke a violent but also very gory movie . Freedom possible through a big sacrifice that Hugh Jackman had to do to make Wolverine 3 is Rated R . But be assured, you will soon discover this latest adventure of the famous X-Men. Wolverine 3 will hit our screens on 1 March. What do you think ?