Wolverine 3, Deadpool, Fifty Shades Darker … The best trailers of 2016!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

The trailers have not missed in this year 2016! The end of the year is coming soon, it’s time to make a top of the best trailers of the year!
In the last 12 months, the movies have jostled in the dark rooms while their trailers made the happiness of the fans in front of their screen of pc. And there was something to write with Star Wars, Suicide Squad, Deadpool and their most WTF replicas 2016! Exciting, surprising or even moving, the trailers of 2016 gave us great emotions this year again. After having viewed, tough to wait for the much anticipated film ! Why do not we have fun with a return on the best trailers that have made us vibrate in recent months? Ready for viewing? Let’s go !
Dead Pool
Unable to make a 2016 top without sliding a Deapool key! Released in February 2016, the film Tim Miller was a surprise box office exploding and becoming even at that time, the 5th largest film success in 2016. Ryan Reynolds was perfectly slipped into the skin of this Hero to the devastating humor, previously appeared in the first film Wolverine. But (fortunately), this new Wade Wilson is a thousand leagues from his previous performance that had not convinced. The first videos give the tone right away: energetic soundtrack, sharp punchlines, a good layer of gore and blood with a lot of humor! An explosive mixture that we loved to see on the big screen.
Captain America 3 Civil War
A superhero meeting? Nobody could miss it! The trailers of the 3rd part of the adventures of Steve Rogers announced beautiful things and indeed, the film fulfilled all its promises! While the confrontation between the team Captain and the Iron Man made us salivate at the idea of ​​seeing the superheroes Marvel to tear, the arrival of new superheroes made us drool! Especially since they were not there to make the figuration … Black Panther proves to us in a few seconds of combat that there is nothing to fear from Bucky. As for Spider-Man , appeared in late trailer was immediately given at the time wanted to find out more. What will soon be the case in summer 2017 …
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
The spin-off of the intergalactic saga encountered obstacles during its production, the fim even having to be returned in large part. But this did not prevent Rogue One from experiencing real success in the movies. Several trailers and TV spots have made it possible to get an idea on film and its new heroes. In head Jyn Erso who appears stronger than ever as leader of a squad of rebels. Castingau top, atmosphere, ships and Dark Vader, all the elements were gathered to seduce us! Released two weeks ago on French screens, the story of the theft of the plans of the Black Star continues to attract the public in the dark rooms. The questions concerning the heroine Jyn Erso have never stopped flowing, and the hypotheses surged after the first trailers broadcast. Today, new questions arise about Star Wars Rogue One: Jyn she uses the Force in the film?
Fifty Shades Darker
Action, action … And love in all this? For this we must turn to the romance side fantasizing many fans around the world: that of Anastatsia Steele and Christian Gray. After a first opus which was as successful as the literary saga, the series of adventures of the couple in Fifty Shades Darker was waiting. Shot at the beginning of the year until this summer, the first trailer was released in mid-September, shortly after a very enigmatic trailer. Change of tone in this new strand, intimacy is more than ever at the rendezvous and well-anticipated characters finally make their appearance including the famous Leila which suggests darker scenes. Get ready for a very sensual and eventful sequel to the beginning of 2017!
Emotion is present from the first seconds of the trailer of Logan , the third and final installment of the adventures of Wolverine. After teasing through several black and white photos a Wolverine very different from the one we knew, a first video was broadcast. And it gave chills. Bruised, addicted to drink and scarred, it’s a shock Logan seems to be only the shadow of who he was. Accompanied by a professor Xavier at the end, Wolverine will have to protect a young mutant tracked down by mercenaries. Worn by a melancholic soundtrack, the trailer is a real punch that plunges us into a universe where violence seems omnipresent. Will Logan be able to cope? Answer in April 2017. What was your favorite trailer?