Wolverine 3: Deadpool to the cast of Logan? Ryan Reynolds replies

Cinema 29 December, 2016

Will Wade Wilson aka Deadpool be at the cast of Logan whose release is scheduled for March 2, 2017? Ryan Reynolds gives us the answer.
We believed in a beautiful Christmas gift arrived a little late, but Ryan Reynolds did not fulfill his role as Santa Claus and ruined our dreams. The news spread quickly on social networks when a US site announced that Ryan Reynolds had shot scenes for Logan , the ultimate component Wolverine with Hugh Jackman. A news that seemed perfectly possible because the two characters are part of the same universe and belong to the same studios the Fox. We believed there also as we have recently learned that Logan would be R-Rated Deadpool which would allow to be completely himself. Since the mercenary’s return to filmmaking in early 2016, fans hope that he and Wolverine will share the same screen in a forthcoming film, but unfortunately this will not happen.
This is Ryan Reynolds himself has denied the rumor on Twitter and simply said: “Unfortunately this is not true 24601 The prisoner will solo mission.”. Information that the director of Logan has also denied … If we are disappointed, we also understand that he Logan pane looks bleak and perhaps an appearance of Deadpool would be too great a diversion … After that we are not against a post-generic scene! The good news is that Ryan Reynolds Deadpool will be back in 2018 !