Wolverine 3: Hugh Jackman shares a funny photo of Logan

Cinema 6 January, 2017

On his Twitter account, actor Hugh Jackman shared a funny picture of Logan in Wolverine 3!
Even before the release of Wolverine 3 , one thing is certain: the film is not at all fun. James Mangold decided to offer this final chapter of an adventure Rated R for Logan . A Logan much older and fragile than before, whose healing power is less and less effective. The most famous X-Men will have to protect the young X-23, a mutant who shares much in common with him and whose coming will be a kind of symbolic transfer of power. To defuse the serious side of Wolverine 3, whose fans have discovered a Caliban cage on a new picture , the actor Hugh Jackman shared a rather fun picture of his character.
It reveals the hero run precipitously, all accompanied by the caption “fight or flight” . Therefore, the fans revved and embezzlement and other legends following the tweet multiply like the famous “When Bae parents are not at home” . No doubt the actor did not suspect the rather amusing consequences of his picture. A good way to defuse the violence Wolverine 3, including Hugh Jackman had to make a big sacrifice for the film is Rated R , and make the fans wait. But rest assured: the release of Logan approach very quickly! You will be able to discover the hero again on March 1st. What do you think of this picture?