Wolverine 3: Is the last trailer truly representative of the film?

Cinema 20 January, 2017

It’s a legitimate question and it’s good because we’re able to answer it.
You’ve all seen Logan’s ultimate trailer with X-23, but we’re a long way from the Rated R movie that was presented by director James Mangold or even Hugh Jackman a few months ago. Of course, since it was a trailer for everyone, so that everyone could watch it, but fortunately for us, a trailer called red band, so reserved for a more adult audience , was broadcast at the same time as the other. But while we expected to find scenes much more graphic, the only differences were the use of the word fuck by the characters. We saw in December some excerpts from Logan , and we can tell you that these trailers have limited nothing to see.
Warning ! We do not say at all that this is a bad thing, but expect to see a different movie in the cinema. Without giving you all the details to spoil the story, we will say that we could see a lot of human body parts being separated from their set, whether it’s from Logan or X-23. It’s very graphic, it leaves little room for imagination and fans of comics will love the film. The success of Deadpool showed the Fox that the Rated R movies were viable and it will be felt clearly in Logan. It is therefore a little disappointed that this violent and bloody aspect is no more highlighted in this final trailer , but there is still a little time before the release, and we can hope to see some blood sink by then . Meanwhile, we still have the basics of Logan’s intrigue .