Wolverine 3: Logan, Professor Xavier and X-23 posing on new images

Cinema 16 January, 2017

These new pictures of Professor Xavier, X-23 and Logan unveiled by James Mangold should please those waiting for Wolverine 3!
Since the announcement of Logan there several months, the director of the latter, James Mangold, published numerous photos of the film. And for good reason: the man is a great photographer and shares his best shots with the fans on his Twitter. And while Wolverine 3, the official plot is finally known , will be released soon on our screens, the filmmaker has once again made a gift to its subscribers. This gift is nothing but three new images of Logan, X-23 and Professor Xavier . The first one presents X-23, young mutant with similar powers of this possessing Logan. This will also protect the price of his life and so spread his “legacy” .
The second shows a tired and sick Professor Xavier. For, in case you missed the official synopsis (whose link is in the previous paragraph), the X-Men mentor will have to be treated secretly by Wolverine on the Mexican border. In Wolverine 3, including Hugh Jackman shared a fun photo of Logan , the mutant will be highly threatened. The last picture shows Logan, battle graying beard and menacing look . It must be said that in Wolverine 3 , the character will have his most defective healing power than ever. And as if that were not enough, he would have to face formidable and armed enemies. What do you think of these pictures?