Wolverine 3: The final trailer expected Thursday, what we would like to see

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The release date of Logan is approaching and a new trailer will not be long in order to exhilarate the fans! Will we learn new things about the plot and its characters?
Less than 2 months before the release of the highly anticipated Logan, the third installment of the adventures of Wolverine, but the wait still seems long! Logan will open the superhero waltz that will parade on the big screen in 2017, and it will be spoiled. For this film, the production did not hesitate to raise the pressure with the fans. Director James Mangold made us drool disseminating great pictures in black and white on the social networks that suggested a bleak and violent film. After a brief teaser, the first trailer simply sent us a nice slap! On Johnny Cash’s splendid track “Hurt”, we discover a Wolverine at the end of the scroll, Professor Xavier greatly diminished and a mysterious mutant to protect, pursued by worrying mercenaries. Less than 2 minutes makes you want to jump in a machine to travel in time to land 2 months later for the release of the film. Meanwhile Wolverine 3, Logan, Professor Xavier X-23 and settle on new images.
While the latest trailer is scheduled for Thursday, January 19 , the official story of Wolverine 3 is finally known! A coincidence that is certainly not one … It must be said that the marketing strategy regarding the film is perfectly sharpened. No tv spot or snippets and dribbling information while Logan comes out in less than two months. The message is clear, production wants to let the images speak and the first trailer, which works wonderfully. But what can we expect in this famous trailer? Now that the official synopy is unveiled, it would be good to learn a bit more about the adventure that binds the characters, and about their story. We would also like to discover more about the mercenaries tracking X-23 and see Dr. Zander Rice at the origin of X-23. Several points that inevitably will not all be in only a few minutes of trailer, but this new trailer will be for sure, a new mine of info. Rendez-vous Thursday to discover it! What do you want to see in this final trailer?