Wolverine 3: The ultimate trailer of Logan unveiled, X-23 is unleashed

Cinema 19 January, 2017

The last trailer of Logan has just been unveiled by the Fox and the least that can be said is that Wolverine has found an ally to its size!
Here is a film that we look forward to discover! March 1st release Logan , the ultimate appearance of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine traits and final trailer has been unveiled by Fox. If so far trailers accentuated the dark and dramatic side of this new chapter, this new trailer really focuses on X-23, a girl who should all impress you. You already knew the charming personality and the always lovable side of Logan, but thanks to X-23 we now know that they are two to love the contact with the rest of mankind. The girl seems to have exactly the same powers as her elder and like him, she does not like too much that she is looking for problems.
This trailer shows impressive scenes, including one where Logan and X-23 join forces to fight against their enemies. Obviously we note the R-rated aspect of Logan with two beautiful “Fuck” delivered in just 2 min 25 trailer, even if the chosen scenes do not really show how the writers have unleashed violence level. But good in a sense so much better because it makes us even more want to discover the film in the dark rooms!