Wonder Woman 2: 5 DC comics people we’d like to see

Cinema 15 June, 2017

Yes, you know now, Wonder Woman will get a sequel! So, we have concocted a small list of the characters you would like to see. Warning, spoilers!
Despite a less visible promotion campaign than those before the release of Batman V Superman and Suicide Squad , Wonder Woman, a fun and powerful origin story of the eponymous superhero , moves crowds in cinemas. And we understand why! Patty Jenkins’ film, with its endearing character, played with real sincerity by Gal Gadot , her subtle feminist speech and her crazy action scenes, has everything to seduce. And the studios are so delighted with his success that they have already planned to offer us a sequel ! A Wonder Woman 2 has indeed been confirmed and some little info about it circulate on the net. For example, Patty Jenkins, who loved making the first film, can be expected to return for his sequel, which could also take place in the United States. But at the time, in Melty, all these little news give us especially want to imagine what colorful characters we would like to see in Wonder Woman 2 !
And the first thing that comes to mind is of course Circe! The magician is, with Ares, one of the most formidable enemies of Diana and, above all, one of the most powerful. With its magical powers that allow it to transform matter and its origins linking it to Greek mythology, Circe would make a perfect opponent for Wonder Woman! Especially that, well, our superhero nevertheless comes to defeat a god and so we must find a new antagonist to his measure. And at that level, the witch should not disappoint. Not to mention that seeing the gentle and compassionate Diana confronting Circe’s cruel cynicism could only be very interesting!
Donna Troy aka Wonder Girl
Donna Troy is a little to Wonder Woman what Robin is in Batman , a kind of young sidekick with a rather dark past and who has accounts to settle with her super-heroic model. If the origins of the girl initially depicted him as an abandoned child collected by Diana and entrusted to the good care of the Amazons, the overhaul of the character has nevertheless brought about some big modifications! In fact, Donna Troy was also crafted from clay, which makes her a little bit Diana’s little sister. Finally, at least, until the movie Wonder Woman makes a real change in the story of the superhero and makes her the daughter of Zeus. But admit that seeing Diana alongside Wonder Girl, who has almost the same powers as her and who shares her ideals.
The other emblematic enemy of Wonder Woman is of course Cheetah! If she does not have Circe’s class, the villain has given enough trouble to our superhero so that the DCEU offers her a small place in a movie. Like many other characters, there are several versions of Cheetah but we would especially like to see that of Barbara Ann Minerva, the British archaeologist. Why ? Just because before being transformed into an avatar for the goddess Cheetah during a painful ritual, Barbara was a close friend of Diana . That would make the fight between the two women so epic as tragic! So much to tell you that we would appreciate seeing her among the enemies present in Wonder Woman 2 .
Thomas Tresser aka Nemesis
Thomas Tresser may not have the build of a Batman, but he is nevertheless a vigilante on which to count! Appearing in 1980, Tresser called himself Nemesis and worked for some time with Diana as a government agent attached to the Department of Metahuman Affairs. And not only he knows how to fight evil but, in addition, he established during his career connections with … Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad . Having such a character in Wonder Woman 2 would thus make the link between the world of Diana and that of Rick Flag and Harley Quinn. And then, do not forget a detail: Thomas Tresser is also known to be a love interest of Diana. What to occupy the place left vacant by Steve Trevor.
Yes, it’s true, Zeus is supposed to have died in the DCEU and disappeared after his last fight against Ares. But the fact is that the account of Hippolyte, at the beginning of Wonder Woman, raises many questions about the existence of these so-called gods! Where do they come from ? Have they really created the world and humanity? And if not, then what was their true impact on the world? Wonder Woman 2 could answer these questions and establish – why not – a link with Darkseid , who calls himself ” new god ” and who could ultimately have the same origins as Zeus and the other deities of Olympus. Not to mention that Zeus is still Diana’s father and we would love to learn more about him. So we’d be happy to get to know him, even in flashback! And you, what characters would you like to see in the sequel?