Wonder Woman 2: An intrigue in the 80?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

While Wonder Woman continues to pack in the dark rooms, we learn a little more about the continuation of the adventures of Diana Prince.

In what new adventures are we going to find Diana Prince? Wonder Woman continues to break records and has become the 2nd biggest DC Comics hit in cinema, which obviously means Warner gave the Go for a new movie. If director Patty Jenkins is still in negotiations for her return, the first details about this upcoming film are already coming to us. It’s official, when we meet her for her new solo adventures, Diana Prince will have left Europe for the United States and according to the US Screenranger site, the plot of the film will be in the 80s.

Good news since when we had evoked with you our desires for Wonder Woman 2, we had evoked the Cold War and obviously this is exactly where Diana Prince will find himself. The US and Western Europe against the East and the USSR, we imagine it will have many things to do. Better yet, the rumor announces that Chris Pine would be back. So yes, we agree, considering the end of Wonder Woman, it sounds complicated but you’ve made a small list of ways in which Steve Trevor could return to Wonder Woman 2. While waiting for concrete details on the film, Wonder Woman Will meet you in Justice League on November 15th.