Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins discusses his plans for the future

Cinema 12 July, 2017

After the critical and commercial success of Wonder Woman, his sequel was quickly formalized. The opportunity for DC Comics to extend its universe to the cinema. But what do we already know about Wonder Woman 2?

The first information, anecdotal in appearance, will yet delight the fans of Wonder Woman. And if Lynda Carter, known to have embodied Wonder Woman in the television series, made a cameo? The latter, however, was not expected in the first film, but Patty Jenkins, her director, will do everything possible to get there, as she recently told us “We tried, and we will not stop trying.” Wonder Woman 2, where Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) could return, the heroine should leave Europe and Paris for the US.

Patty Jenkins told EW “The story will take place in the United States, which I think is normal, it’s Wonder Woman, she has to go to the United States.” What’s more normal for this icon of American culture? Wonder Woman 2 “I made Wonder Woman, now I want to make Wonder Woman 2. It’s a beautiful story and it’s important to tell it “. Gal Gadot will obviously return in the title role: his contract hires him on this sequence of adventures of the super-heroine! But in what year will this future film take place?

For Patty Jenkins, no doubt about it: Wonder Woman 2, which could be fun and optimistic, will happen in the past, as the first opus. It will therefore be necessary for the fans to content themselves with Justice League and Batman vs Superman to see the heroine appear in our time. Last but not least, the presence of the Invisible Jet is wanted by Patty Jenkins for the continuation: “The invisible jet is very important and it will be necessary to use it at a moment.” It is a very big piece of Wonder Woman. ” With all this information on hand, fans of DC Comics can expect the very heavy!