Wonder Woman 2: Patty Jenkins officially back to the realization?

Cinema 30 June, 2017

Why change a winning team? Patty Jenkins would officially return to the realization of Wonder Woman 2!
Finally, formalization? After the worldwide success of both the spectators and the critics, it was almost certain that Warner would entrust Wonder Woman’s sequel to the director of the first film Patty Jenkins . But no one has rushed to confirm the info, but it seems that things are finally certain: the one that made Wonder Woman our favorite new hero will be back again for the rest. It was during a Q & A organized at a festival that the director gave the news by stating: “I had a revelation about Wonder Woman 2, I thought to myself ‘You are not forced to How, it is not an obligation to carry out the next step. “Then, While I was sleeping, I had a revelation and I thought to myself, ‘Think for two seconds, you have the best character in the world that you love deeply, a cast that you adore at your service and you can do what you want Want with them – are you crazy? And suddenly I realized that it was not a sequel, it was a new film in its own right. And it’s gonna be awesome . ” We’re thrilled, so what’s next?
Here are the first details she agreed to give: “It’s a continuation of the character, but it’s a different and different story that we have to tell, that of Wonder Woman in our world . ” Yes, the next time Diana Prince honors us with her presence in the dark rooms, she will evolve in our time. What promises beautiful things, but also a reflection on our world. The look of this young woman on the First World War was a breath of freshness and we are eager to find her, even though we already know that her look on the human race has changed! The question that all fans are asking is that Chris Pine aka Steve Trevor could be back, in one way or another, In Wonder Woman 2 ? The future will tell !