Wonder Woman 2: Will Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) be back?

Cinema 19 June, 2017

Can Steve Trevor be back in Wonder Woman 2? We evoke the different possibilities, but pay attention SPOILERS.
If you have not seen Wonder Woman yet, there are two things to tell you … 1) Why? 2) This article will unveil you part of the end of the film. If you are still there, it’s at your own risk! If Wonder Woman has melted us under her spell and impressed us with her power, we have not forgotten the secondary characters in her history and especially the one who attracted her outside her island: Steve Trevor aka Chris Pine. We loved this character and we were very sad that he sacrificed himself to save thousands of innocent people at the end of the film. Since Wonder Woman is a huge worldwide success , there will inevitably be a sequel and fans are wondering if one way or another, Steve Trevor could make his comeback . Yes, director Patty Jenkins refuses to comment on the future of Chris Pine in the adventure. But would his return be credible?
If you’ve seen Wonder Woman you know like us that Steve’s survival is unlikely, but we also can not forget that we are in a world of superheroes. We announced it to you in the secrets around Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman , the latter returned to life several times in the Comics and we could therefore see him again. We saw the plane explode and there is a really small chance for it to be saved. He can of course be resurrected, but good knowing that when Diana tells us the story of their encounter she lives now, it is thought that Steve would have warned him since time.
The return of Steve could have a considerable impact on Diana since he is the first man she met and loved, which some can know to use against her in the hope of destabilizing her. So a villain could take his appearance or create visions in which Steve Trevor would appear in danger or something like that … Steve would not really be back, but Chris Pine yes … Since we followed the lives of Diana and Steve from their encounter until the latter’s death, there is little chance that a new film about their adventures would come out and even if we would have loved to discover the life of Wonder Woman between this movie and Batman Vs Superman.