Wonder Woman: 3 things you did not know about Steve Trevor (Chris Pine)

Cinema 17 May, 2017

More than a few weeks before finally discovering the solo film of Wonder Woman at the cinema. We reveal what you may not know about his accomplice, Steve Trevor!
It is June 7th that we will FINALLY discover the solo adventures of Wonder Woman at the cinema and we can not wait! Gal Gadot made super taff when he appeared in Batman Vs Superman and we are always excited at the idea that a super heroine is put forward. If Wonder Woman is at the heart of the story, we’ll also discover Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, his longtime ally. Since we do not yet know exactly which version of Steve Trevor will be represented in Patty Jenkins’ film , it is obviously based on his story in the Comics and our dear driver has several interesting secrets. To motivate you, we reveal the first a little in “know you” mode. If you thought that the hair color of Steve Trevor was a coincidence, think again! The creator of the character was convinced that blond men were more likely to be subjected to brown women and hence, this tint corresponded more to the character of Steve, the “damsel in distress” of Wonder Woman. So what else does he have to tell us?
Steve and Diana, a story that lasts – Patty Jenkins’ film will unveil the first encounter between the two characters and in the comics, the relationship between these two is solid but not always easy. The good news is that the fans who are deeply involved in the couple have had the right to a Happy Ending since a version of their story sees them married and parents of a girl who shares her life between the island of His mother and the world of his father aka our!
Death does not scare him – As in many comics about superheroes, Steve Trevor has not had a quiet life. If he has no powers, he often found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time and died. Then he was resurrected, then he died … We hope to find him alive in Wonder Woman, but we do not know in what state he will be at the end of the film!
He knew the Justice League well – if in the Comics Steve took time to understand that Wonder Woman was Diana and vice versa, he eventually understood and was hired as an intermediary between the United Nations and the Justice League. Not surprisingly, the US government asked him to keep an eye on Wonder Woman and his actions, but went off to peanut when the heroine began to rubbing with Superman, which Steve did not quite appreciate. While waiting to discover the film in the dark rooms on June 7, Diana and Steve are waiting for you in an excerpt of Wonder Woman on melty.