Wonder Woman: A big revelation about Chief confirmed by his actor

Cinema 26 June, 2017

A few weeks after its release, Wonder Woman is still spoken for an element of size.

Do you think Diana and Ares are the only divine entities in the film? Think again! If the credits of Wonder Woman have a special significance for the director , it is not much besides a detail that passed completely unnoticed concerning the character of Chief, the native American who takes Steve and Diana in Belgium and the Accompanies in their fight against Ludendorff. When Wonder Woman and Chief meet for the first time, they speak in Blackfoot , one of the languages ​​of the Indians of America, and it is the only dialogue of the film that does not have the right to subtitles and You will quickly understand why.
Chief actually appears under his real name: Napi . It turns out that it is exactly the same name as the creative god in the Amerindian culture and if we can say that it is just a name given in homage, the actor Eugene Brave Rock answered on Twitter confirming more or Less the thing. If it is confirmed on the side of the Warner or directly in the movies, and Chief is indeed a god who walks on Earth , it would mean that the Greek pantheon cohabits with other deities on Earth. In any case, even if the idea is not exploited behind, it remains a super wink that was rather subtle and further enhances the quality of this film that is Wonder Woman .