Wonder Woman: A MAJOR change in the history of heroin

Cinema 9 May, 2017

Wonder Woman will soon return to the cinema for his solo adventure and a major change on his story seems to have been made in the film.
Comics in the dark rooms! Not always easy to adapt the story of a superhero to the cinema when his story is spread over several Comics and sometimes changes are required. The Warner and Dc Comics are getting ready to release the first solo adventure of Wonder Woman in the movies and if we believe the ultimate trailer unveiled Sunday night at the MTV Movie Awards, a major change was made in the history of Diana Prince and we do not know yet what the fans of the first hour will think. Yes, those who read the Comics know that when Steve Trevor crashes on the island of Themyscira, Diana has to ‘fight’ against her sisters so that all discover who is the most powerful Amazon , The most worthy of bringing Steve back to his side of the world and fighting at his side. Evidently, Diane proves, combat after fight, that she is by far the most qualified and leaves her island equipped with her armor and entitled to a beautiful homage of her sisters.
As you can see in the ultimate trailer unveiled this weekend, no competition takes place and Diana seems to leave in the middle of the night without the agreement of her community. Her mother, Queen Hippolyte, tries to dissuade her from leaving the island that protects her, but Diana is determined to act to save humanity. A decision that will put her in great danger … So why this change? Certainly because if Patty Jenkins had chosen the same plot as in the Comics, Diana Prince would have shown us all its power at the beginning of the film, which is not Top to keep the fans in suspense. With this change, the heroine will be able to impress us at every moment! While waiting for the film’s release on June 7, We share with you a new excerpt of Wonder Woman in which Arès unveils ! Does this change bother you?