Wonder Woman: Diana and Steve Trevor ready to fight on a new image

Cinema 20 December, 2016

Diana Prince finally returns with Steve Trevor on an image of Wonder Woman. And as always, the super-heroine imposes by its beauty and charisma!
There’s no need to say, Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) is a super-heroine who has class! And who knows how to distribute powerful beatings to the wicked while being profoundly benevolent. Moreover, its big splash in Batman vs Superman is clearly one of its best moments. Result, it was frankly not wait to see his solo film, especially as the latest trailer of Wonder Woman was crazy and that we put in his eyes. Anyway, before returning Diana Prince with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), he’ll have to show a little more patient ! Because the release of the film is scheduled only next June, which leaves us still a few months to wait. Finally, you can always count on the pictures that studios unveil online in magazines and give us the opportunity to see a little more Gal Gadot in the costume of the superhero. And indeed, this is a picture of Wonder Woman as the editorial ‘of melty reveals today, on which we find a rather well surrounded Diana !
We discover our super-heroine on horseback alongside Steve Trevor and what looks like British soldiers, while they all live in a forest. Difficult however to say what they make in the middle of this decor! But no matter what, Diane always seems to us as classy and beautiful, and if she looks dreamy in the picture, she seems nevertheless ready to go to the fight. After all, we must not forget that the plot of Wonder Woman, to be still more optimistic than Batman vs Superman , takes place during the First World War and the confrontation between our superhero and Germans risk being violent! The image was broadcast for the first time by the site Time, which devoted a long file to the super-heroine whereas its status as ambassador for the UN, which was granted to him a few months ago, comes from Be withdrawn. From what still remember that Wonder Woman is still one of our favorite heroines! And if our expectations about the film are high, we are absolutely certain that Diana will live up to it. How do you find this image?