Wonder Woman: Diana Prince Impresses Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) in a New Excerpt

Cinema 2 May, 2017

Wonder Woman is not a woman like the others and Steve Trevor will not take long to realize it. Discover a new excerpt from Wonder Woman!
Not easy to meet before Wonder Woman without running away from his powers and especially his story! When Steve Trevor runs aground on a beach, he is far from imagining that he will get to know Diana Prince, an incredibly strong woman, but not like the others. The film directed by Patty Jenkins will be released on June 7 and extracts are increasingly numerous to promote the new DC Comics which stages one of the most emblematic heroines of the universe. Gal Gadot took his first steps as Wonder Woman in Batman Vs Superman and we all agree that it remains one of the biggest assets of the film .
The latter is none other than Steve Trevor who, as you can see in the US extract unveiled above, will have a hard time assimilating all the information given by Diana. For a soldier who has known War, to discover an island of Amazons who have never known men and possess an exceptional strength, it is limited to wondering if he did not die in his crash Or suffering from trauma and hallucinations. Fortunately, he will not be the only one to know some problems of adaptation since Diana and the London life, it makes 2! See you in the dark rooms on June 7th! For the most impatient, we share an excerpt of Wonder Woman in which Arès unveils !