Wonder Woman: The film compared to Captain America

Cinema 5 May, 2017

A comparison that will bring him luck? The next DC Comics adventure in cinemas has just been compared to a Marvel Studios.
It’s no secret that the Marvel Studios films released in recent years have been a real success, both at the World Box Office, but also at critical level. As for DC Comics, the case is a bit more complicated … If the fans spend a good time at the cinema, most remain rather disappointed and the critics are not more tender. And if Wonder Woman, played by Gal Gadot, changed the deal? Yes, some lucky journalists had the chance to discover the film scheduled in the French cinemas on June 7 and one of them seems to have enjoyed the experience and even went so far as to compare the film to the first Captain America . A flattering comparison!
One can understand where this feeling comes from since the two films tell the origins of the two superheroes and their beginnings as justiciers. We have not yet had the chance to discover Wonder Woman , but the glimpse that we had of the character in Batman Vs Superman gave us very desire to discover the following. For the most curious, a new excerpt of Wonder Woman with Gal Gadot and Chris Pine is visible.