Wonder Woman: The questions that arise after seeing the film

Cinema 7 June, 2017

Wonder Woman goes out today to the cinema and brings with him his lot of questions! Here is a small list of questions that remain unanswered at the end of the movie!
Today is a day to mark with a white stone. Because it is of course today that landed on our screens Wonder Woman, the fun and powerful origin story of Diana Prince, THE most iconic super-heroine that is. And as much to tell you right away that the film proves worthy of the character! But if he explains where he comes from and how he came into contact with the world of men, we must admit that he leaves us somewhat puzzled as to some of his elements. This, in itself, should not surprise us. After all, Wonder Woman is first and foremost a superhero film that is part of a much larger universe where other protagonists like Batman, Superman and Darkseid evolve. So inevitably, We had to expect some of our questions to remain unanswered! Here is a small list of the ones we ask after seeing the film. Attention, however, the editorial of melty wants to warn you: it may be that some spoilers slip into the sequel!
Did Zeus really create the world? It is one of the elements of the film that leave us the most perplexed. For the Amazons, which were created by Zeus, there is no doubt: the god of Olympus is at the origin of all life. Or at least, it is more or less so that Hippolyte, Diana’s mother, presents things to her daughter. Except that, well, we are not going to lie, there is little chance that this is the case. So who are Zeus and Ares, the two gods that are mentioned in Wonder Woman? If one takes into account the universe DCEU and what one knows, one can imagine that these two are in fact of the same nature as … Darkseid and Steppenwolf, the two villains of Justice League. This is of course only conjecture, but that would explain however their powers and those of the Amazons.
Steve Trevor is obviously the first man to set foot on Themiscyra
How is it that no one has discovered Themyscira before Steve Trevor? This is another question which, in itself, is not overly important but which still titillates our curiosity. For it is clear that Themiscyra remained hidden away from the world of men for hundreds of years. For millennia. Now, it seems that Steve Trevor is not doing anything very special when he enters the protected area of ​​the island, if not … just crashing and having a LOT of luck . But then how is it that no one else, during the thousands of years since the creation of Themiscyra, discovered it, at least in the same way? It must be believed that it was the destiny of Steve to crash on the island and to reveal the real world to Diana …
What happened to Doctor Poison? Well, here we go back into the territory of the spoilers! So watch out, you’re warned! In the final battle against Ares, which is a big surprise for us, Dr. Maru, the faithful assistant to General Ludendorff, has just missed Diana’s thunderbolts. But our superhero ends up sparing the bad guy , who then completely disappears from the film . Did she survive the Dantesque confrontation between Wonder Woman and Ares, or is she one of the collateral victims? Impossible to say because his fate remains absolutely uncertain. But if she has survived, we may think that two things happened to her: either she understood her mistakes and, after having been afraid of her life, Has preferred to withdraw from any military conflict and has stopped making poisons; Or she remained faithful to herself and continued in the path of evil. Perhaps we will have answers to this question in the sequel to Wonder Woman !
Why can not Diana return to Themiscyra? When she was discovered in Batman V Superman , Diana clearly explained that she had spent the last 100 years in the world of men. And indeed, when Hippolyte said goodbye – attention spoilers ! – she tells him that she must definitely bid farewell to her home. But why ? Is it because the island is so hard to find? Wonder Woman, with her powers and immortality, however, has the means to find her if she so wishes. Or is it simply because in walking in the world of men she rejected that part of herself that allowed her to live on Themiscyra. Anyway, it seems our superhero can not go home anymore …
Diana no longer donned the Wonder Woman costume for a century
Why did she turn away from humanity? Wonder Woman allows us in part to understand the evolution of Diana in the DCEU , while leaving some open questions about it. As she tells us at the end of Batman V Superman , Diana preferred to let humanity fend for herself. Yet, in the film Wonder Woman , she seems determined and determined to protect them. So what were the precise reasons that finally forced her not to put on her super-heroin costume? Why, for example, did it not intervene during the Second World War , the most deadly conflict in our history? This is very contradictory with the character! Hopefully we will have more details on his defection, whether in the Wonder Woman sequel or in the Justice League! What do you think ?