Wonder Woman: What do the first critics say?

Cinema 19 May, 2017

The first opinions about Wonder Woman have just fallen. So, does the film live up to our expectations or suffer from crippling defects? Verdict in a few tweets!
To say that Wonder Woman is expected at the turn may be a bit of an euphemism. On the one hand, the different trailers clearly put us in the mouth, putting so much scene Diana completely badass and sequences of epic battles that touching and / or funny moments. So, we are rather impatient to see what the super-heroine has in the womb. And then on the other side, there is of course the fact that the first films of the DCEU did not have quite the expected success. Wonder Woman, who is already compared to the first Captain America , could thus restore some balance. If it proves to be up to our expectations. But in fact, hearing the first reactions on the film, Who have just invaded the canvas now that the embargo is lifted, it would seem that Wonder Woman is as exciting as the trailers promised ! And to convince you of this, here is a little anthology of the opinions that the editor of melty could unearth on the canvas.
It is of course on Twitter that we find these very first reactions. And we notice right away that they are rather – indeed very – positive! The performance of Gal Gadot especially seems to be unanimous, which does not surprise us so much, the actress having already convinced us during her rare appearances in Batman V Superman . Eric Eisenberg, from the Cinemablend website, says: ” Wonder Woman is the best DCEU film so far, and the heart of Diana by Gal Gadot fuels it and the transition between myth and World War I works really well . “, Before hiring also the game of Chris Pine, who interprets Steve Trevor. But the first notices also emphasize the luminous and sometimes light side of the film , an aspect that was not found in Batman V Superman . Mike Ryan, a reporter for Vanity Fair and the Huffington Post, said: ” I loved Wonder Woman and reminded me of Christopher Reeves’ Superman: a real superhero from the north without fear or cynicism. Exactly what we need right now . ” Which is exactly what we need right now . “. Which is exactly what we need right now . “.
But Wonder Woman would not be a superhero movie if there were not also super fighting scenes, and it must be believed that he did not disappoint either, Alicia Lutes of the Nerdist enthusiastically terms: ” Wonder Woman portrays the coolest fight sequences, the most badass, the better that are performed remarkably choreographed and tours and fun!.!” . This little preview of the first opinions on the film has ample reason to reassure us . And we make even more impatient to see him finally land on the big screen. We hope in any case that the success will be at the rendezvous so that Wonder Woman deserves this suite which would have been more or less confirmed this week!