Wonder Woman: Which emblematic character inspired Patty Jenkins for Steve Trevor?

Cinema 2 June, 2017

Only a few days before discovering FINAL Wonder Woman. If you’re a movie fan, the character of Steve Trevor could call you back.
She is powerful, just and determined that the world is protected from evil … Wonder Woman will land next Wednesday in the cinema and her debut promises very promising . If Diana Prince is the main character in the Patty Jenkins movie, we will also have the chance to discover Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, the man who will allow the heroine to discover the world that lies behind the borders of Themyscira . A spy hired by the English to try to kill the plans of the Germans in the bud. Despite the resources provided by the Comics Patty Jenkins, the director of the film, had a clear vision of the character.
Chris Pine told Cinemablend: “Patty Jenkins was very clear: I had to fall in love with Diana, make a few jokes and stay light – which was no problem for me – I had to be in the line of Indiana Jones ( …), a bit rough, but jaded, realistic and determined to do its best. I like the story that she wanted to tell, so I had a lot of fun . Since we love Indiana Jones, we should melt under the spell of Steve Trevor whose secrets are revealed in Wonder Woman !