Work stoppages : the doctors feel harassed by the Security

Health 21 July, 2017


Published the 21.07.2017 at 18h17


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The work stoppage is part of the therapeutic arsenal of the doctor, recalls the union of general practitioners MG France in a press release published this Friday. “It is an essential tool in a professional world increasingly hard “. But the doctors feel hounded by social Security, regrets the union.

“General practitioners who have, for the most part, the responsibility of the prescribing, however, are the target of a harassment-increasing the share of health Insurance “, he laments. He complains, in particular, the monitoring system put in place by the caisses primaries that no one is interested ” nor the grounds, nor even the fact that these judgments are sometimes already approved by the medical council for the decisions of long-term (cancer, severe depression…) “.

“Only the total number of days off work prescribed by the doctor are interested in the aAsurance disease, when it derogates from statistical averages “, he insists.

An “unjust war”

MG France reacts to the result of an increase in the number of procedures initiated against its members, which it describes as the ” unjust war Insurance against general practitioners. “In Rhône-Alpes, nearly a quarter of doctors have already received letters asking them about their practices.

Since 2015, 16 000 would have been subject to this recall targets, sometimes going until the approval of a medical officer of social Security. They were 500 in this case in 2015.

With perverse effects, estimated MG France. Some doctors, when they exceed their “quota” of days off of work, would thus be required to return a portion of their patientèle, with sometimes serious diseases, to colleagues.