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Entertainment 28 August, 2017


On the occasion of the release of his new album Freedom Sweetheart, Calogero was interviewed by Pure Charts, Friday 25 August, to talk about his musical projects. During this interview, the singer also put an end to rumors regarding a possible collaboration with Jenifer.

On the 27th of July last, Closer explained that the singer Calogero, and the beautiful Jennifer, to whom we owe the album Paradis Secret, worked together, notably at the side of Jean-Jacques Goldman for a new project. A much-anticipated return by fans from Jenifer who has decided to make a break in his career after a terrible road accident. After the announcement of suspension of tour, these prestigious collaborations were enough to make you drool.

But last Friday, the artist at the origin of the title In zero gravity, the name of which has been circulated to occupy one of the red chairs from The Voice, has denied the information of our colleagues. “ This is completely false. I have already collaborated with Jean-Jacques Goldman, but I don’t work with him on the album of Jenifer, non. Not at all. But then not at all ! “. With a new manager, who also takes care of M Pokora, Jenifer is in good hands. In the meantime, fans of the singer can find it in The Voice Kids, where she makes the show.

About Calogero, it is back on the front of the stage. He had started to work with Jean-Jacques Goldman in 2009 on the album The improvement, very quickly a victim of its success in the trays. He has sold over 400 000 copies. His new album is called ” beautiful Freedom “, it is available.

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