X-Men – Dark Phoenix: A favorite mutant of fans confirmed at the cast

Cinema 4 July, 2017

The casting is precise for the next adventure of the mutants Marvel of the Fox. A character we love all has just been confirmed to the cast!

The reception of X-Men Apocalypse, the latest adventures of the Marvel mutants in the cinema, has not been frankly good. The critics did not necessarily like it and the spectators showed themselves, but also not rushed. Yet the first two films of the franchise were really cool and we were looking forward to discovering that hyper-powerful villain that was Apocalypse, but the movie had promised us so many things that in the end we were a little disappointed. So we have hope for the new movie announced X-Men Dark Phoenix, currently in full shooting. Yes, if there’s one thing we liked in Apocalypse, it’s getting to know new versions of already cult cults, such as the young versions of Jean Gray, Cyclops or Tornado.

It is on this young generation that Dark Phoenix will concentrate, especially on a young Jean Gray who will have to learn to manage his powers more and more powerful. While Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender & James McAvoy appear to be confirmed, we learn today that another mutant could come back: Quicksilver aka Evan Peters! X-Men Apocalypse and his character is so cool that we are SUREXCITE to the idea of ​​finding him again for this new adventure!