X-Men – Dark Phoenix: New details on Magneto (Michael Fassbender) unveiled

Cinema 4 July, 2017

Magneto will be back in X-Men Dark Phoenix and we know more about the plot that concerns him.

He will finally be back! After the mixed success of X-Men Apocalypse, the leading trio formed by Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy and Jennifer Lawrence seemed to have finished with the Marvel franchise distributed by Fox. Yet, only a few months later they are back on the shoot of the new film directed by Simon Kinberg focused on Jean Gray, played by Sophie Turner, and the discovery of her powers. The importance of their respective roles is not yet known, but we have just learned more about the role of Magneto aka Michael Fassbender. When we found him in X-Men Apocalypse, he had just lived a family tragedy and guided by hatred, he had joined the Big Bad team before finally coming back to reason and helping his friends. But he still felt a little flat of the blow, we worry. Where will it be in this new adventure?

A source close to the shoot has agreed to give some details and it seems that Magneto still make his own! Yes, we should find him in the role of a sect leader, a guru. With this new ‘position’ of the mutant we should meet quite cute characters for fans of Comics, Acolytes and discover their base in space, a station built by Magneto called Avalon. Another revelation, we could also discover Genosha, a fictitious island on the African coast where mutants were treated as slaves before Magneto took control in the 90s and instead made it a land of asylum. We can not wait to find out more about this film, especially as all our favorite mutants should be together in X-Men Dark Phoenix, including Quicksilver aka Evan Peters!