X-Men – Dark Phoenix: Psylocke back?

Cinema 12 July, 2017

Will Psylocke (Olivia Munn) be back for the next adventures of mutants at the cinema in X-Men Dark Phoenix?

Are we going to find out more about Psylocke in X-Men Dark Phoenix? The mutant took his first steps on the big screen in X-Men Apocalypse and many fans were quite disappointed to find that the character was more figuration than anything else. Fans with enough attention have noticed that Olivia Munn, the actress who lends her traits to the mutant, had just arrived in the city where the filming of Dark Phoenix takes place and it needed no more for speculation to begin . The presence of Psylocke would not be a surprise since as we told you about melty, a big part of the cast of X-Men Apocalypse will be back for this new adventure.

Yes, James MacAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence or Michael Fassbender aka Professor X, Mystique and Magneto should be present and we also recently learned that Quicksilver would also be back for Dark Phoenix! In what role and in what state will we find Psyloche, it is a mystery because the last time we saw her, she fled the fight while Apocalypse was beaten by Jean Gray. Has she found the way to redemption?